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Xero Shoes Glenn: A Detailed Review of the Stylish Barefoot Oxford

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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The search for the perfect pair of shoes can be a tricky endeavour. Many of us want footwear that is stylish, comfortable, versatile, and healthy for our feet.

This often feels like an impossible combination to find—until the Xero Shoes Glenn entered the scene.

Xero Shoes has made waves in the minimalist footwear world with their commitment to foot-shaped, zero-drop shoe designs. The Glenn takes their signature barefoot-inspired engineering and packages it in a dapper Oxford style.

But does this marriage of refined elegance and barefoot freedom live up to the hype? I put the Xero Shoes Glenn through extensive testing to find out. Below is my detailed review of this unique barefoot Oxford.

An Overview of the Xero Shoes Glenn

glenn black and white
Black and White

One glimpse of the Glenn reveals a smart, sophisticated shoe any 007 would approve of. A polished full-grain leather upper provides a refined look, while Xero’s flexible 5mm sole enables natural foot motion.

Here are the key features that enable this artful fusion of style and comfort:

  • Full-grain leather upper available in nubuck or standard leather for a sophisticated look
  • Featherlight feel at around 6oz per shoe
  • 5mm flexible sole made of Xero’s proprietary FeelTrue® material
  • Wide toe box to allow natural toe spread
  • Zero-drop design for improved posture and gait
  • Decent traction for varied surfaces
  • Water resistance to handle light rain and moisture

With this skilful combination, the Glenn provides an elevated barefoot walking experience—keeping you stable, grounded, and moving naturally while maintaining a refined aesthetic.

Testing the Xero Shoes Glenn In-Depth

To fully understand the Glenn’s capabilities, I tested this shoe extensively over the course of two months. I wore the Glenn to work, for nights out, while travelling, and for daily errands.

xero shoes glenn outdoors

Here is a summary of my in-depth testing process:

  • Daily wear for 3-5 hours at a time
  • Walking 2-3 miles most days
  • Testing on paved roads, trails, grass, and more
  • Evaluating fit, comfort, traction, and overall feel
  • Trying different lace styles and customization
  • Assessing versatility to dress up or down
  • Checking water resistance in light rain
  • Comparing the black and tan colors
  • Wearing for work in a business casual office
  • Night out shoe when going to dinner and drinks
  • Using for weekend errands like grocery shopping
  • Trying various types of socks – dress, casual, and barefoot
  • Seeing how they hold up to air travel

This extensive testing gave me deep insights into how the Glenn performs in real-world situations.

Below I break down the pros, cons, fit, styling, durability, and overall recommendation based on my hands-on experience.

The Pros of the Xero Shoes Glenn

The Glenn impressed me across the board in terms of styling, comfort, versatility, and barefoot feel. Here are the standout pros:

Sophisticated Style

The full-grain leather upper looks incredibly sleek and refined. The simple Oxford shape effortlessly dresses up or down for work, dinner, drinks, and more. I appreciated the polished look that still felt modern and fresh.

Xero Shoes Glenn casual

Lightweight Comfort

Weighing in at around 6oz per shoe, the Glenn is incredibly lightweight. This combines with the flexible sole and moldable leather to make the shoes supremely comfortable straight out of the box. I often forgot I was even wearing them!

Custom Molding and Fit

The nubuck leather forms perfectly to your feet over time. The upper molds so well that it creates a custom fit tailored to your foot’s shape. The leather also breaks in quickly for immediate comfort.

All-Terrain Traction

The 5mm FeelTrue sole provides impressive traction across paved roads, dirt trails, grass, and more. The tread design grips nicely while allowing terrain feedback through the thin sole.

Xero Shoes Glenn Sole

Toe-Spreading Width

Xero Shoes all feature wide toe boxes that allow your toes to relax and spread naturally. This promotes proper toe alignment, foot strength, and stability during walking. The Glenn retains this signature barefoot design element.

Xero Shoes Glenn WIde Toebox

Maximum Ground Feel

The thin, flexible sole enables an incredibly natural walking experience. You feel connected to the ground while still getting protection from abrasive surfaces. The flexibility encourages natural foot flexion.

Water-Resistant Materials

Both the leather upper and construction techniques make the Glenn resistant to light rain, splashes, and moisture. My feet stayed dry walking through damp grass and light drizzle.

True-To-Size Fit

I found the sizing to run true-to-size in my standard shoe size. Those with wider feet may want to size up, but the leather does stretch over time. Overall, the fit felt as expected.

Easy to Style

The Glenn’s simple, refined profile makes it endlessly easy to style. It pairs perfectly with both casual and business wear for a seamless transition between contexts.

xero shoes glenn brown casual style

The Cons of the Xero Shoes Glenn

While an excellent minimalist Oxford overall, a few areas could be improved on the Glenn. Here are the main cons I noticed:

Rear Heel Irritation

The rear tab caused mild rubbing and irritation around my heel during the first week of wear. This is a common issue mentioned in reviews. Thankfully, it dissipated after the break-in period.

xero shoes glenn wear durability issues

Durability Concerns

The Glenn features high-quality full-grain leather, but some reviewers mention durability concerns with excessive wear.

They may not hold up as well as Xero’s tougher athletic offerings. Proper care is required. We have an article about how to clean and care for Xero Shoes for more details.

Leather Creasing

Like any leather shoe, creases and wrinkles in the upper developed naturally over time. This does not affect function but can detract visually for some.

Lacks Wet Traction

While the sole grips well in most settings, I noticed significantly reduced traction on wet tile and smoother wet surfaces. Caution is advised in slick conditions.

Expensive for Barefoot Shoe

With a $125+ price tag, the Glenn sits on the pricier end for a minimalist shoe. The quality and craftsmanship justify the cost, but it excludes budget-minded buyers.

Snug Toe Box

Although wider than most oxfords, the Glenn’s toe box runs slightly narrower than some of Xero’s other models. Some reviewers with wider feet find it too snug.

How the Xero Shoes Glenn Fits and Feels

Understanding the fit and feel of the Glenn is key for deciding if they are right for your feet. Here are my insights after extensive wear:

True-to-Size in Most Cases

I found the sizing to fit as expected compared to my measurements on a Brannock device. Most users can order their standard shoe size, but wide-footers may want to size up.

Snug Toe Box at First

While expanded for natural toe splay, the toe box can feel snug initially, especially for those with wider feet. It expands with break-in.

Expect a Break-In Period

The leather starts stiff but molds quickly to your feet. Allow 1-2 weeks of regular wear for a customized, glove-like fit.

Leather Will Stretch and Form

The full-grain leather upper gradually shapes perfectly to your feet. The material lasts while adapting to you.

Lightweight, Flexible Feel

The featherlight build and flexible sole give the Glenn an almost sock-like feel. The shoes move seamlessly with your feet.

Improved Ground Feedback

The thin sole provides a stable base while allowing useful terrain feedback. You feel connected to the ground in a comfortable way.

Foots Shapes Adapt Naturally

The wide toe box and zero drop design let your foot muscles and tendons function optimally. Your feet strengthen while staying injury-free.

Tips for Styling the Xero Shoes Glenn

The versatile Glenn transitions seamlessly between formal and casual contexts. Here is how I styled them to maximize versatility:

Perfect for Business Casual Office

The sleek profile pairs impeccably with slacks, chinos, or dress pants for work. It gives a professional, put-together look.

glenn black

Elevates Casual Wear

The refined leather upper dresses up casual jeans, shorts, tees, and sweaters for nights and weekends.

Dresses Up for Cocktail Attire

With slacks or a suit, the Glenn refines an evening cocktail or event look without being overbearing.

Complements Most Outfits

The low-profile, simple design integrates into most wardrobes and styles nicely. I found them easy to dress up or down.

Mix Leather Tones and Colors

Xero offers the Glenn in a range of rich leather shades like black, tan, brown, and grey to coordinate across outfits.

Pairs Great With Socks or Barefoot

I styled them with dress socks, casual socks, and barefoot. They looked great with all sock options.

Caring for Your Xero Shoes Glenn

With the proper care regimen, the Glenn can become long-lasting staples in your footwear collection. Here are my tips for maximizing durability:

Regularly Condition the Leather

Use a leather conditioner every 1-2 months to nourish the upper and prevent cracks or tears. Keeping the leather supple extends the lifespan.

Avoid Overusing

Although well-made, the Glenn is not indestructible. Rotate them with other shoes and avoid wearing them daily to maximize durability.

Address Scuffs Quickly

Since scuffs on leather can set in and get worse over time, promptly clean and condition any problem areas as they occur.

Enjoy the Molding Process

Don’t fight the creasing and molding of the upper. Embrace how the leather shapes itself to your feet for personalized comfort.

Use Cedar Shoe Trees

Investing in cedar shoe trees will help the Glenn hold their shape and absorb moisture when not being worn.

Concluding Thoughts on the Xero Shoes Glenn

Over two months of thorough testing, the Xero Shoes Glenn became one of my favorite pairs both functionally and aesthetically, and as it stands it is one of the main barefoot dress shoes available. For those seeking a refined minimalist shoe, I wholeheartedly recommend them.

The stylish full-grain leather upper combines seamlessly with Xero’s flexible, foot-shaped sole design to create the ultimate versatile barefoot Oxford.

That said, potential buyers should still try them on in person if possible and be ready for the snug toe box and break-in period.

Sizing up or waiting for the upper to mold may be necessary. Also take care of the leather and avoid overuse to get the longest lifespan.

For business or casual wear, few shoes provide the Glenn’s artful fusion of barefoot comfort and sophisticated style.

Both your feet and wardrobe will thank you for adding this versatile Oxford to your footwear arsenal. Just take the time to find the right size and let the leather customize to your feet.

If you have any other questions about the fit, feel, sizing, styling, durability or performance of the Xero Shoes Glenn, let me know! I’m happy to provide any other details from my extensive hands-on testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Xero Shoes Glenn?

The Glenn is Xero Shoes’ classic oxford dress shoe, featuring their signature wide toe box and flexible FeelTrue sole. This allows your toes to spread and relax while providing natural comfort.

What makes the Glenn different than a traditional dress shoe?

Unlike stiff, narrow oxfords, the Glenn features a foot-shaped toe box so your toes can spread out. The flexible sole enables natural movement versus a flat, rigid base. Xero Shoes’ goal is to let you live life feet first with natural comfort.

What is the sizing and fit like for the Glenn?

The Glenn runs true-to-size for most feet. However, the toe box is wider than typical oxfords, so those with wide feet may want to size down. There is a 45 day guarantee if you need to exchange for a different size.

How does the zero-drop sole benefit the Glenn?

The non-elevated “zero drop” sole promotes proper posture and positioning for your feet. It allows you to flex and feel the ground, enabling natural foot muscles exercise with each step.

Can the Glenn be worn for both formal and casual uses?

Definitely! The classic oxford look of the Glenn suits both formal business wear and casual jeans-and-tee outfits. Its sleek, sophisticated profile dresses up or down seamlessly.

What is the upper made from on the Glenn?

Xero Shoes constructs the Glenn upper with full-grain leather that molds to your feet over time. The leather comes in standard or nubuck varieties in different color options.

How long does shipping and delivery take for the Glenn?

Standard free shipping takes 5-7 business days. You can also select 2-day express delivery at checkout for faster service. Xero Shoes prides itself on quick and reliable delivery.

What is Xero Shoes’ return and refund policy?

Xero Shoes offers free returns within 45 days of purchase. They also provide exchanges if you need a different size or product. Contact support@xeroshoes.com with any return or exchange requests.

What Makes the Glenn Stand Out at the End of the Day?

At the end of the day, when you check out the Glenn, you can’t help but imagine how good these shoes will feel. What sets them apart is their iconic FeelTrue® sole, designed to let your toes spread and relax. These shoes feature a wider toe box that allows you to enjoy natural comfort. Plus, they’re versatile enough for formal or casual wear. Trust me, you’ll love the benefits you want with these shoes.

Any Warning Signs to Watch Out for in the Product Description?

When you’re reading the product description, be mindful of the shoe’s sizing, especially the M9 size. Despite the non-elevated “zero drop” and wider toe box, the Glenn can run narrow in the toe area. This could affect how your toes spread and relax. If you’ve got wider feet, consider sizing up. And hey, if you’re still in doubt, check out some reviews or head over to Instagram for some real-world examples.

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