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My In-Depth Xero Shoes Dillon Review: A Stylish Barefoot Sneaker

Last Updated on September 28, 2023

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As someone who loves minimalist footwear, I’m always on the hunt for sharp-looking barefoot shoes that can pull double duty from the gym to dinners out. Most toe shoe brands still skew too athletic for my taste.

So when I discovered the Xero Shoes Dillon, I was intrigued. Could this stylish sneaker deliver barefoot comfort and natural style at the same time?

Xero Shoes DIllon
Dillon – black model

After months of real-world testing, I’m ready to share my honest review on whether the Dillon lives up to its versatile promise. Let’s dig in!

Why I Wanted to Try the Xero Dillon

I first came across the Dillon while browsing Instagram and saw someone wearing them with jeans and a button-down. The low-profile design immediately caught my eye.

Wearing Dillon Black at Work
Wearing Dillon at work

As I researched more, two things stood out that made me excited to test drive this sneaker:

1. Casual, Understated Look

Most minimalist shoes look very techy and athletic in my opinion. But the Dillon has a much more laidback, lifestyle-oriented aesthetic.

Between the knit upper and subtle branding, this shoe wouldn’t look out of place with a blazer and trousers.

Dillon blazer style

2. Barefoot-Inspired Comfort

Despite the casual vibe, the Dillon still delivers a natural, “barefoot” feel.

The 0mm drop profile keeps you low to the ground. And the flexible FeelTrue rubber sole provides decent ground feedback.

Xero Shoes DIllon

I hoped the Dillon could be the perfect marriage of style and barefoot comfort – a shoe to seamlessly transition from workdays to weekends.

How the Xero Dillon Fits: My Sizing Review

When it comes to sizing the Xero Dillon, I recommend ordering your typical shoe size.

I normally wear a size 10 in athletic sneakers, so I ordered a size 10. Out of the box, the fit was perfect with a bit of wiggle room to allow natural toe spread.

However, if you have very wide feet, consider sizing up half a size for maximum comfort. There is some stretch in the knit upper, but those with wide feet may want a touch more room.

Here’s a handy sizing chart I created with data from Xero to help find your ideal fit:

xero shoes dillon sizing chart

Also made it into a table for people using screen readers

SizeFits Foot Length
79.25′′ – 9.5′′
89.5′′ – 9.75′′
99.75′′ – 10′′
1010′′ – 10.25′′
1110.25′′ – 10.5′′
1210.5′′ – 10.75′′

For reference, my feet measure 10.2 inches long, and the size 10 Dillon accommodates them perfectly.

But feel free to reach out if you’re between sizes! I’m happy to help.

How the Dillon Stacks Up for All-Day Wear

Since I planned to use the Dillon as an everyday lifestyle sneaker, all-day wear comfort was critical. Here’s how they performed:

Lightweight Breathable Upper

The knit upper on the Dillon provides phenomenal ventilation to keep feet cool. I wore them on a few hot summer walks, and my feet stayed fresh every time.

There’s a nice balance between stretch and structure. The knit hugs your foot without any pinching or rubbing.

Zero Heel-to-Toe Drop

With a completely flat profile, the Dillon promotes proper alignment and posture as you walk. It keeps me connected to the ground, enhancing balance and agility. Kinda felt to me similar to wearing the Prio.

Cushion from Removable Insole

The 3mm foam insole adds a touch of cushioning for all-day wear. But you can remove it easily for an even closer-to-barefoot feel.

Overall, I was impressed with how the Xero Dillon performed for long days on my feet. The materials seem durable enough for daily use while staying lightweight and breathable.

How the Xero Dillon Pairs with Different Outfits

Since style played a big role in why I wanted to test the Dillon, I was eager to see how it paired with various casual outfits.

Here are some of my favorite looks I’ve styled with these sneakers:

Jeans & Button-Down

I love wearing the Dillon with dark jeans and a casual button-down shirt. The monochrome colorway pulls the outfit together into an effortless weekend look.

Joggers & Hoodie

For a sporty streetwear vibe, the Dillon works perfectly with joggers and a hoodie. The laidback sneaker vibe matches the relaxed joggers.

Shorts & Polo

The Dillon‘s low-key style also pairs nicely with a timeless shorts and polo shirt combo. I’ve worn this look out golfing and for casual summer activities.

Chinos & Blazer

While not formal enough for a suit, I’ve been able to dress up the Dillon by pairing it with chinos, a button-down, and an unstructured blazer. The monochrome colorway keeps it looking sharp.

The versatility and wearability with both dressy and casual looks make the Xero Dillon a home run in the style department for me.

Xero Shoes Dillon Review: The Pros and Cons

Based on extensive testing, here is a full rundown of the pros and cons I’ve experienced with the Xero Dillon:

Dillon Pros

  • Sharp, versatile style works for both casual and business casual outfits
  • Breathable upper keeps feet cool all day long
  • Roomy toe box allows natural motion and splay
  • Barefoot-inspired feel from the 0mm drop profile
  • Lightweight at just 10.6 ounces

Dillon Cons

  • Slippery tread lacks grip, especially on damp surfaces
  • Runs narrow for those with very wide feet
  • The knit upper material can get dirty and be difficult to clean
dillon roomy toebox
The white model can be hard to clean

In case you are struggling with cleaning, we have a specialized article on how to clean your Xero Shoes.

While not perfect, I was blown away by the Dillon’s versatility and comfort as an everyday lifestyle sneaker. It tackles everything from coffee shops to casual Fridays with ease.

Key Xero Shoes Dillon Features That Make It Stand Out

Aside from the versatile aesthetic, the Xero Dillon has a few unique elements that set it apart:

Wide Toe Box

I love the extra roomy toe box on the Dillon. My toes can splay naturally as I walk and move which enhances comfort.

Dillon has a wide toebox

0mm Heel-to-Toe Drop

With zero elevation from heel to toe, these shoes promote proper posture and keep me connected to the ground.

Flexible Sole

While not as pliable as true barefoot soles, the FeelTrue rubber on the Dillon provides noticeable flexion for a natural stride.

Dillon Soles

5,000 Mile Warranty

Xero offers outstanding coverage against defects and premature sole wear within the first 5,000 miles. This gives me peace of mind.

How Customers Rate the Xero Dillon Sneaker

I always examine customer reviews closely when researching new gear. Here is what I discovered about the Xero Dillon:

  • 4.3 out 5 stars across nearly 150 reviews on XeroShoes.com
  • Praise for the comfortstyle, and breathable upper
  • Most complaints relate to sizing and potential heel slippage

Positive feedback highlights the laidback style and comfort. But sizing inconsistencies seem to be a common complaint.

Here are some sample thoughts from other Xero Dillon wearers:

“Most comfortable casual shoe I’ve ever worn. Love the foot-shaped toe box!”

“Runs quite narrow, especially in toe box. Size up a half-size if you have wide feet.”

“Insole caused bad blisters on my heel. Had to remove it.”

So customers affirm my thoughts – awesome versatility and comfort, but some potential fit quirks to keep in mind.

Xero Shoes Warranty: What’s Covered?

One thing that gives me confidence buying Xero shoes is their FeelTrue Performance Warranty.

It covers defects and premature sole wear for 5,000 miles. Key details:

  • Covers blowouts, excessive tread wear, sole cracks/splits
  • 1-year coverage from purchase date
  • Must be a manufacturing defect causing premature wear

This warranty proves that Xero stands behind the quality of their shoes. It’s nice to know that I’m covered in case of any defects.

Xero Dillon Pricing Breakdown: Worth the Money?

With an MSRP of $99.99, the Xero Dillon is very reasonably priced in my opinion.

You get a high-quality, versatile sneaker without paying the premiums of other barefoot brands.

Here’s a detailed pricing breakdown:

  • MSRP: $99.99
  • Sales Discounts: Occasional holiday sales. Sign up for email alerts.
  • Extras? Free shipping and returns from XeroShoes.com
  • Resale value: Expect 50-75% of MSRP based on condition.

Considering the quality and performance, I think the Xero Dillon is absolutely worth the $100 investment. This has become my most frequently worn casual kick this summer, especially when going out.

My Final Verdict: Who Should Buy the Xero Shoes Dillon?

At the end of the day, I highly recommend the Xero Dillon if:

  • You want a versatile barefoot sneaker for casual wear, travel, commuting, etc.
  • You appreciate a roomy toe box that allows natural motion and splay.
  • You prefer understated, lifestyle aesthetic over athletic/techy looks.
  • You want barefoot-inspired comfort from the 0mm drop profile.

Yes, some may find the insole uncomfortable and the traction lacking. But the pluses far outweigh these small downsides in my experience.

After months of testing, the Xero Dillon has become my go-to lifestyle sneaker. It expertly balances laidback style and barefoot comfort – a tough combo to find.

So if your feet crave freedom but your style demands subtle sophistication, the Dillon deserves a spot in your casual rotation. Your feet (and outfit) will thank you!

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the toe box width of the Xero Dillon compare to other Xero shoes?

The Dillon’s toe box runs wider than other Xero shoes, giving your toes room to splay naturally for a comfortable fit you’ll really enjoy.

What makes the knit upper on this pair of shoes unique?

The breathable knit upper provides exceptional ventilation to keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long.

Can I wear the Dillon on any occasion?

Yes, the classic casual sneaker look pairs well with almost any outfit, from casual days to slightly dressy occasions.

What is covered by the FeelTrue® sole warranty?

Xero offers a 5,000 mile sole warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship, proving their confidence in the quality and durability of the FeelTrue® sole.

How does the flexible sole feel on different terrain?

The FeelTrue® sole provides great ground feedback, but it can be slippery on wet surfaces.

What makes the DNA of the men’s Xero Dillon iconic?

It combines the casual aesthetic of a classic sneaker with the barefoot-inspired comfort and natural movement Xero shoes are known for.

Does the Dillon have good flex?

Yes, the flexible FeelTrue® sole allows your feet to move and flex naturally as you walk.

What size should I select for the best fit?

Order your normal size for the best fit. But consider sizing up half a size if you have wider feet to allow natural toe splay.

How does the Dillon complement your style?

The low-profile versatile design pairs well with casual to business casual outfits for an effortless, compliment-worthy look.

Can I wear the Dillon without socks?

You can thanks to the breathable knit upper, but some may prefer socks for smoother ground feedback.

How Do the Dillons Perform in Rainy Weather and What’s the Ground Feel Like?

In terms of ground feel, the Dillons are top-notch. They’re designed with a FeelTrue sole that offers excellent ground feedback that your feet will appreciate. On rainy days, the sole provides pretty good grip, ensuring that you’re not slipping around. So, whether it’s sunny or rainy, the Dillons adapt well to give you a solid ground feel with necessary protection.

Can You Explain the Fit and Style of the Dillons?

You bet! If you’ve wanted something that combines style and comfort, the Dillons are your go-to. These shoes look great and feature a knit upper and a wider toe box, ensuring they fit great. The design complements a variety of looks, making it a shoe that pairs well with almost any outfit. They’re not just functional; they’re a style statement too.

What Sets the Dillons Apart in Terms of Design and Features?

The Dillons come with a unique set of features that align with the philosophy of “life feet first.” The shoe boasts a non-elevated, FeelTrue sole that offers both ground feel and protection. We’ve also included a tag that details the guarantee on the sole. In terms of breathability, the shoe excels with its mesh upper. If you’ve been looking for a shoe that combines practicality and style, the Dillons are what you need.

Hope these questions and answers cover some of the more specific things you’ve been curious about!

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