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The 7 Best Slip-On Barefoot Shoes for Maximum Comfort and Mobility

Last Updated on October 6, 2023

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Tired of fussing with shoelaces every time you put on your shoes? Slip-on barefoot shoes provide the flexibility and ground feel of barefoot wear without the hassle of laces. With their barely-there thin soles and stretchy uppers, slip-ons give your feet the natural motion they crave while keeping things simple.

Barefoot shoes have exploded in popularity in recent years as more people discover the benefits of natural footwear. By removing restrictive elements found in traditional shoes, barefoot models allow your feet to move and flex as nature intended.

This helps strengthen feet, improve posture, and reduce injury risk. The wide toe box found in quality barefoot shoes lets toes spread out and grip, enhancing stability. Thin, flexible soles provide essential feedback from the ground below for balance and agility.

While classic barefoot shoes require lacing up, innovative slip-on styles provide the same “barely shod” experience without the need to tie. This makes them ideal for active lifestyles. Slip into a pair seamlessly whether you’re heading to the gym, walking the dog, travelling, or tackling your workday. Say goodbye to laces slowing you down!

In this article, we’ve reviewed the top slip-on barefoot shoes for men and women. We focused on models excelling in comfort, quality, and support for natural foot motion. Keep reading to discover our top picks across budgets and lifestyles.

What to Look for in Slip-On Barefoot Shoes

When shopping for slip-on barefoot shoes, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Roomy Toe Box – A wide toe box allows your toes to naturally spread out and grip, engaging muscles for balance. Ensure adequate wiggle room.
  • Thin Flexible Sole – A sole between 3-5mm thick provides just enough protection while maximizing ground feel. The thinner, the better for connecting to surfaces below.
  • Stretchy Upper – Knit, leather, or synthetic uppers that mold to your feet provide a glove-like fit. Opt for some stretch to keep things snug but not constricting.
  • Secure Fit – A slip-on design should still stay firmly on your feet during activity. Seek a snug heel and seamless collar.
  • Lightweight – Opt for minimalist materials like thin rubber, knit, or soft leather to keep shoes agile and packable.

DIY TIP – Make Your Own Slip-Ons

Want the slip-on experience without buying a new pair? Substitute your regular laces with elastic ones! Just thread them through your lace-ups as usual, and voila—your lace-ups are now slip-ons. It’s that simple!

Our detailed guide on how to convert any barefoot shoes into slip-ons and the best models for this.

Recommended trusty elastic laces Check it out!

At-a-Glance – Best Barefoot Slip-on Shoes!

CategoryShoe ModelDescription & PriceAffiliate Link
Best OverallBe Lenka Eazy slip-on
Be Lenka Eazy Shoe black
Comfort meets style,
$129 97.30 Today
Shop Eazy
Best for EleganceOAKA Derby
Oaka Derby
Sleek and stylish, $165Check it out
Best for Everyday WearXero Shoes Aptos
Xero Shoes Aptos
Daily comfort, $64.99Buy Aptos
Best for TravelLeguano Scio
Leguano Scio barefoot slip-on shoe
Versatile, $210/$147Check it out
Best for Casual OutingsXero Shoes Kona
xero shoes kona barefoot slip on shoes
Laid-back style, $74.99Buy Kona
Best on a BudgetWhitin Slip-On
Within Slip-On shoes
Value for money, $39.99Check it out
Editor’s Pick *Vivobarefoot Primus Lite IIII
Top of the line, $155Check it out

The Best Overall: Be Lenka Eazy Slip-On

Be Lenka Eazy Black
Be Lenka- Eazy Black (leather)

The Be Lenka Eazy Slip-On tops our list with its perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality. There is a good selection of colors and vegan versions available.

Be Lenka Eazy Vegan – Green Beige

I’ve been testing the Vegan model and it is a dream to wear. The stretch knit upper is flexible and breathable, moving with your foot. The 3mm thin sole provides just enough protection while maximizing ground feel. The padded collar ensures all-day comfort. Running true to size, the Eazy transitions seamlessly from work to weekend activities.

The Most Elegant: OAKA Derby

Oaka Slipon

The OAKA Derby is a marvelous paradox. With its dapper flyknit upper and streamlined silhouette, it exudes refinement like a well-tailored dress shoe. Yet with its faux elastic laces, the Derby functions as a slip-on for effortless wearability. This ingenious combo makes it equally at home with a suit or your weekend threads.

The Derby’s contradictions extend beyond styling. Its sole is slim for uninhibited ground feel, yet with subtle arch support for all-day wear. The antimicrobial lining wicks moisture to keep feet fresh, while the soft flyknit upper molds to your feet like a glove.

Flyknit is a lightweight and breathable fabric known for its comfort and flexibility.

Oaka Elegant Barefoot Shoes

So how does OAKA pull off these clever contradictions? The answer lies in its commitment to elegance meets comfort. If you seek slip-on sophistication with barefoot freedom, this paradoxical Derby delivers on both counts.

The Best Everyday: Xero Shoes Aptos

Xero Shoes Aptos

As our top everyday pick, the Xero Shoes Aptos (read our full review) delivers lightweight comfort for all activities. The flexible canvas upper circulates air while the roomy toe box allows natural spread. The 5.5mm FeelTrue rubber sole cushions feet while enabling freedom of motion. Run small, sizing up half a size is recommended. Overall, the Aptos is a crowd-favorite for its easy wearability.

The Best for Travel: Leguano Scio

Leguano Scio Black

The innovative Leguano Scio is an excellent choice for travellers seeking a lightweight and packable barefoot shoe. Its stretch upper and thin sole allow for easy packing, making it a convenient option for on-the-go adventures.

The Scio is also machine washable, ensuring easy care and maintenance. Keep in mind that it runs large, so sizing down is advised. If you’re looking for a lightweight shoe that’s easy to pack and comfortable for travel, the Scio is a great option.

Leguano Scio barefoot slip-on shoe

The Leguano Scio is a lightweight and breathable barefoot shoe designed for comfort and convenience. The shoe features a flexible mesh upper that hugs the foot like a second skin, providing refreshing breathability during hot weather.

The Best Casual: Xero Shoes Kona

Xero Shoes Kona

Topping our casual category is the Xero Shoes Kona with its sporty lace-up style. The lightweight breathable mesh upper keeps feet cool while the wide toe box enables natural spread.

Xero Shoes Kona

The flexible 5.5mm FeelTrue sole cushions while allowing freedom of motion. Runs small; sizing up half a size is recommended.

The Kona is perfect for casual walks, travel, water sports and everyday wear.

The Best Budget Pick: Whitin Slip-On

When affordability matters, the Whitin Slip-On delivers exceptional value. Available in vegan leather or knit, the roomy toe box enables natural foot spread.

Within Slip-On shoes

The removable cushioned insole provides plush padding. At just $39.99, reviewers praise the comfort and barefoot feel of the Whitin. A fantastic budget-friendly option.

Editor’s Pick: Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III*

While not technically a slip-on, our Editor’s Pick goes to the Primus Lite III for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

vivobarefoot barefoot slip on shoes

Made of premium leather that molds to your feet, the Primus Lite III features a slim 3mm sole for superior ground feel. The firm EVA midsole provides support for all-day wear. While this popular model has regular laces, many users convert it to a slip-on by installing elastic laces. This allows you to easily slip in and out while maintaining a snug fit. Editors laud the sophisticated styling and barefoot design that Vivobarefoot is renowned for. The Primus Lite III delivers unmatched comfort and protection. *Can be converted to slip-on style using elastic laces.

Is the Leguano Scio machine-washable? 

The Scio is machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius, but it is recommended to avoid using fabric softener and to use a mesh bag if placed in a mixed load

What Other Brands Offer the Best Barefoot Slip-Ons?

Popular brands like Vikla, Bohempia, Feelgrounds, and Luks offer a range of barefoot slip-ons suitable for both high-volume and low-volume feet. You can subscribe to their newsletters for full reviews and updates on new releases.

I’ve Never Worn Barefoot Shoes. What Should I Expect?

If you’ve never worn barefoot shoes, they might feel snug at first. However, the quality materials used in their construction will stretch and mold to your feet over time. You’ll also love the natural movement and gentle support they provide.

How Do They Differ from Regular Slip-On Sneakers?

Unlike traditional slip-on sneakers, barefoot slip-on shoes are made of natural materials and designed for a perfect fit. Their outsoles often feature a minimal design that allows your feet to feel the ground, enhancing natural movement.

Can They Be Worn in Wet Conditions?

Some barefoot slip-ons, especially those made from hemp or other natural materials, may not be suitable for wet conditions. Always check the brand’s guidelines before stepping out in the wet.

How Do I Choose the Right Size?

Sizing can vary, but most brands offer men’s and women’s sizes. Some barefoot slip-ons are initially snug but will soften and adapt to the shape of your foot. It’s always a good idea to check out Terra Vida reviews or consult pictures for more information.

Are There Vegan Options?

Absolutely! Brands like Feelgrounds and Bohempia offer vegan barefoot slip-ons made from high-quality, sustainable materials.

Are They Expensive?

While the price can vary, remember that you’re investing in high-quality materials and construction that prioritize natural movement. Brands like Xero and Vivo offer a range of prices suitable for different budgets.

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