Xero Shoes Nexus Knit – A BareTread Review

By Alin Ciocan | January 26, 2024

A xero shoe nexus knit, the white model

With an easy-going feel thanks to its featherlight knit upper, the Xero Shoes Nexus makes you want to sprint down sidewalks and treadmills alike, while its zero-drop sole keeps feet properly aligned whether you’re crushing cardio or just grabbing coffee. This stylish minimalist sneaker blends performance and aesthetics seamlessly.


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Last Updated on April 23, 2024

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Xero Shoes has become one of the leaders in the minimalist/barefoot shoe category with its focus on maximum comfort, flexibility, and promoting proper foot strength and mechanics. Some might say their approach is just good ol’ common sense.

The Nexus Knit is one of their latest athletic lifestyle offerings, featuring a stylish knit upper paired with their signature FeelTrue outsole. In this review I’ll cover the highlights and drawbacks of this unique model.

This model has a unique feel that to me is very enjoyable, especially the part around the heel. You get the feeling that it hugs the foot like a glove.

Pros and Cons


Versatile. Good for the gym, running, walking and casual wear and more

Very comfortable knit upper that fits like a sock

Lightweight and breathable for all-day wear, you won’t feel this bad boy on your foot

Flexible sole allows natural foot motion. The Xero Sole that we all know and love

Sleek design, looks great on the foot


Can run small, may need to size up, especially for wide feet

May not provide enough stability for very dynamic workouts

Not much traction for rough outdoor terain but good enough for most cases

Although god for most use cases, doesn’t excel for anything in particular, it’s a Jack of all trades

A few people in the community have reported durability issues

Xero Shoes Nexus Knit Design

The Nexus Knit Black Model Design

Out of the box, the black Xero Shoes Nexus Knit sneaker has a clean, minimal look that works for most outfits. The stretchy knit upper hugs your foot comfortably and lets it breathe.

It feels barely there, giving you that natural barefoot freedom but with enough underfoot protection for the city. The flat sole keeps you balanced and connected to the ground as you walk. No flashy logos either, just sleek sporty style.

The Nexus Knit White Model Design

The Nexus White model reminds me of training for my first marathon in 2014. Back then I had a pair of Nike shoes that had a similar vibe to these but were, of course, not as good as barefoot shoes.

This crisp all-white Xero Shoes Nexus Knit keeps it simple. The smooth knit upper flows nicely with no seams in sight for that clean, minimal look.

Even the laces match, crossing over the front to add some subtle texture. It’s eye-catching but in an understated way. The curved sole is slim too for less bulk.

So you get that barefoot feel while still looking sharp. Whether you’re dressing casual or need something athletic yet stylish, this white Nexus Knit works. It’s got modern vibes but enough classic versatility to complete any outfit.

man wearing a semi-casual attire with xero shoes nexus knit white model

So if you want a minimalist sneaker that’s sophisticated without trying too hard, this is it. Xero nailed it with the refined but functional design. Just don’t expect the flashy colors or logos.


Overall, the Xero Shoes Nexus Knit appears to be a well-constructed minimalist sneaker. The knit upper is reinforced in key areas to enhance durability, while the FeelTrue outsole is known for its long-lasting performance.

However, a few users in the barefoot community have reported durability issues with the Nexus Knit. As with any shoe, individual experiences may vary depending on factors such as usage, foot type, and gait.


The Xero Shoes Nexus Knit is a stylish and comfortable addition to the barefoot shoe market. Its breathable knit upper, flexible outsole, and versatile design make it an attractive option for those seeking a minimalist sneaker that seamlessly blends performance and aesthetics.

While it may not excel in any one specific area, the Nexus Knit is a reliable all-rounder that caters to a wide range of activities and preferences. If you’re looking for a barefoot shoe that looks great, feels amazing, and promotes natural foot function, the Xero Shoes Nexus Knit is definitely worth considering.


A xero shoe nexus knit, the white model

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