Vivobarefoot Gobi II Hemp Review

By Alin Ciocan | December 7, 2023

vIVOBAREFOOT gobi Ii PRODUCT image hemp deep sea blue color

The updated Gobi II minimalist boot from Vivobarefoot is a versatile barefoot classic. Its quality hemp upper and flexible 3mm V-Life sole provide serious ground feel while protecting feet. Despite the thin sole, it keeps feet dry and comfy without socks.

This stylish desert boot works great for both casual outfits and business attire as it packs small for travel. The grippy sole and durable construction handle urban or trail use. Vivobarefoot partners with ReVivo to give these quality boots new life at an affordable price through unique regenerated materials. Yay for sustainability!

Reviewed at $150.00. Can sometimes be found on ReVivo for a much lower price

Barefoot Comfort




Style / Design




Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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Vivobarefoot Gobi II Review: A Durable and Stylish Barefoot Shoe

The Vivobarefoot Gobi II is an updated version of the popular original Gobi desert boot. This minimalist shoe has a sleek, stylish design that works well for both casual and professional settings. After testing, I found the Gobi II to be a durable and comfortable barefoot shoe option.

Overview and Changes from the Original

The Gobi II has a new narrower last and sole compared to the original Gobi. The sole is still thin at 3mm thick but slightly stiffer than before. This gives you good ground feel while retaining puncture protection.

vivobarefoot gobi front

Despite these changes, the Gobi II retains the high-quality upper of the original only this time it is a natural hemp canvas upper which is a plus for sustainability.

Pros and Cons


Versatile style works for both casual and business wear

Excellent ground feel and barefoot comfort from the thin, flexible 3mm V-Life sole

Durable construction with sturdy stitching and long-lasting sole

Keeps feet dry and protected despite thin sole

Doesn’t retain odors even when worn sockles


Sizing can be tricky, may need to order multiple sizes

Price. Need I say more?

Not fully waterproof in heavy rain

Rear pull tab can break off over time

The boots feature a gusseted tongue to prevent debris from entering and a convenient rear pull tab for easy on and off.

Overall, the Gobi II Hemp strikes a balance between barefoot feel, durability, and style with the added benefit of being more sustainable.

Fit and Sizing

I normally wear a US size 10.5 shoe. Using the Vivo Sizing Guide, I selected the Gobi II in a size 10 (EUR 43) based on my previous shoes.


The size 10 Gobi II initially felt roomy but broke in well. After two weeks, they fit my feet perfectly. Those with wider feet may need to size up.

Barefoot Feel and Ground Feedback

The 3mm V-Life puncture resistant sole on the Gobi II provides excellent ground feel while retaining underfoot protection. The sole flexes easily at the ball of the foot for natural walking motion.

Despite the sole’s thinness, the full hemp upper keeps out moisture effectively especially if using a good waterproofing shoe spray. My feet stayed dry even when wearing them sockless all day.

For traction, the sole performs admirably on most surfaces including dirt trails and city streets. The lugs provide grip without overly aggressive tread that can hurt ground feel.

vivobarefoot gobi ii insoles photo

Durability and Construction

The Gobi II features sturdy construction that should hold up well to daily wear. The hemp upper feels supple but shows no signs of damage after three months of testing. Despite frequent wear, the stitching remains intact with no loose threads.

The V-Life sole also appears extremely durable so far. There are no visible cuts, abrasions or excessive smoothing of the sole lugs. Based on reviews of the original Gobi lasting 5+ years, I expect the Gobi II to have a similarly long lifespan.

Style and Versatility

The Gobi II retains the stylish aesthetics of the original model. The sleek silhouette and hemp upper work well with both casual outfits like jeans or some types of business casual attire.

For more formal scenarios, a great Vivobarefoot alternative is the RA III which we have reviewed here.

vivobarefoot ra iii vs gobi ii
Ra III and Gobi II

Despite having an outdoorsy desert boot design, the Gobi II also handles paved urban settings admirably. The thin flexible sole ensures natural walking motion on concrete while the grippy sole prevents slips.

The Gobi II’s look is a testament to its unique blend of functionality and style. Crafted from hemp, this pair stands out with its eco-friendly appeal, ideal for those who value sustainability in their wardrobe. The wide toe box is not only a signature design element but also ensures comfort for all-day wear. Although primarily designed for urban settings, these shoes are robust enough for a casual hike, highlighting their versatility. Keep in mind, owning a pair like this means embracing both style and sport in one go.


For travel, the Gobi II packs down small while providing both foot protection and style at your destination. After three months of wear, they show no signs of odor even when going sockless.

travelling with vivo gobi ii in a well packed suitcase


The Vivobarefoot Gobi II, crafted from durable hemp, is a perfect blend of an everyday shoe and a lightweight hiking boot. Its unique hemp material, combined with a removable cork insole, ensures both sustainability and comfort. The Gobi II shoes, in their versatile dark brown hue, transition seamlessly from rugged outdoor gear to stylish urban footwear. You’ll find these shoes to be a crucial part of your wardrobe, elevating both your casual and outdoor experiences.

For those seeking a durable and stylish minimalist shoe, the Vivobarefoot Gobi II is an excellent choice. The updates provide a better fit while retaining the quality construction and barefoot feel that made the original popular. If you want only one versatile barefoot shoe for daily and travel use, the Gobi II is it.