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Best Affordable Barefoot Shoes for Adults in the UK

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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If you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of barefoot shoes, you may be overwhelmed by the options and high prices. But fear not! I’ve scoured the web to find the best affordable barefoot shoes available in the UK right now.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 5 top picks that won’t break the bank, yet still offer quality craftsmanship and that natural barefoot feel.

I’ll provide an in-depth review of each shoe, including key features, specs, real customer reviews, and an overall verdict on whether it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

By the end, you’ll have all the info you need to find the perfect pair of budget-friendly barefoot shoes for your specific needs and preferences. Let’s dive in!

best affordable barefoot shoes UK

TLDR – Best Affordable Barefoot Shoes in the UK

Shoe ModelWhy It’s GreatAffiliate Link
Xero PrioBest Overall QualityCheck Price on Amazon
HOBIBEAR Unisex WideMost Affordable OptionCheck Price on Amazon
SAGUARO UnisexVery Affordable. Best for Gym & OutdoorsCheck Price on Amazon
Merrell Vapor Glove 3 Luna LTRHigh Quality & Comfort. Respectable BrandCheck Price on Amazon
Xero Z-Trek (check review)Ideal Barefoot Hiking SandalsCheck Price on Amazon

If you’re interested in exploring more options, check out our comprehensive Barefoot Shoes UK Directory for a wide range of barefoot shoes available in the UK.

Xero Shoes Prio – The Gold Standard (But Pricey)

If you know barefoot shoes, you know Xero Shoes. They have skyrocketed in popularity over the last 10 years.

Xero Shoes Popularity over time graph

The Prio model is arguably their most popular and a favourite among barefoot enthusiasts. But with a price tag ranging from £83.99 to £92.99, are they worth it? Let’s find out.

Key Features and Specs

  • Barefoot feel: The flexible 5.5mm FeelTrue rubber sole allows your feet to move and flex naturally. You’ll be able to somewhat feel the ground.
  • Comfort: The wide toe box gives your toes plenty of splay room. And the removable foam insole provides cushy support.
  • Versatility: Wear them for running, hiking, CrossFit, or casual wear. These shoes can handle it all.
  • Quality materials: The upper is a durable mesh or leather, depending on the version you choose.

What Customers Are Saying

With over 2,000 reviews and a 4.4/5 star rating on Amazon, it’s clear these shoes are a hit.



  • Toe box may be too roomy for some
  • Not as minimalist as some hardcore fans prefer
  • Leather versions less breathable

Value for Money

Despite the higher than others on the list price tag, most reviewers agree the Xero Shoes Prio provide excellent value considering the quality materials, comfort, and versatility they offer. For an investment-worthy pair of barefoot shoes, these should top your list.

The Verdict

While pricey compared to other options on this list, they are half the price of most Vivobarefoot models.

The Prio model from Xero Shoes stands out as a top choice that nails the barefoot experience. If you’re willing to pay for premium quality, performance, and comfort, these are hands-down one of the best options in the UK market.

HOBIBEAR Unisex Wide Barefoot Shoes – Cheap & Roomy

Hobibear Black
Hobibear light brown

If you’re looking for an ultra budget-friendly barefoot shoe, check out the HOBIBEAR Unisex Wide Barefoot Shoes. At just £35.99 to £42.99, these give you a lot of bang for your buck.

Key Details

  • Lightweight: Weighs only 490g per pair for supreme comfort.
  • Wide toe box: Lets your toes spread out naturally for maximum comfort.
  • Breathable mesh upper: Keeps your feet cool and dry.
  • Flexible thin sole: Allows you to feel the ground beneath your feet.

What Buyers Say

Hobibear Product ratings chart

With 65% of reviewers giving 5 stars on Amazon, people love these shoes for the comfort, roomy toe box, and shockingly low price. Just keep in mind a few potential downsides:


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Roomy toe box
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Durability issues over time
  • Not ideal for wet conditions
  • Lack of arch support

Worth the Low Price?

For under £50, these are a steal if you want to test out barefoot shoes without a big investment. Just set your expectations accordingly in terms of longevity and performance.


The bottom line: HOBIBEAR’s roomy barefoot shoes offer newbies a budget way to try this style. While they likely won’t last forever, they deliver impressive quality and comfort for the incredibly low price point.

SAGUARO Barefoot Shoes – Best for Gym & Outdoors

SAGUARO Unisex Barefoot Shoes Trail Trainers Lightweight Breathable Minimal Shoes Barefoot Walking Shoes
saguaro ink black

Another budget-friendly pick, the SAGUARO Unisex Barefoot Shoes cost around £46.99. Let’s see how they stack up for versatile wear.

The Need-to-Know

Men Barefoot Shoes
Wide Toebox
  • Versatile wear: Use them for the gym, hiking, walking, or casual use.
  • Synthetic upper: Manmade materials are lightweight and breathable.
  • 5mm rubber sole: Flexible with decent grip for indoor/outdoor wear.
  • Roomier fit: Size up for wide feet or to use the included insoles.

The Reviews Say…

These are extremely popular. At the time of this review, they racked up around 4000 reviews on Amazon. With a 4.5/5 average rating, most customers praise these shoes for the price, comfort, and versatility. Some drawbacks mentioned:


  • Relief for foot pain like plantar fasciitis
  • Grippy sole great for weightlifting
  • Easy transition to barefoot style


  • Runs small, so size up
  • Chunky aesthetics
  • Not the widest toe box

Worth Investing In?

For less than £50, these shoes deliver when it comes to comfort, versatility, and value. The budget price makes them lower risk if you’re new to barefoot.

The Lowdown

While not the widest or most minimalist, the SAGUARO barefoot trainers provide an affordable way to take barefoot shoes for a spin. If you want a entry-level option, add these to your list.

Merrell Vapor Glove 3 Luna Leather – High Quality & Comfort

Now onto a brand you’ve likely heard of – Merrell. The Vapor Glove 3 Luna LTR normally retails for £110 but is on sale for £59.99. Let’s evaluate this deal.

What You Get

  • Vibram rubber sole: Excellent grip and ground feedback.
  • Leather upper: Soft and comfortable right out of the box.
  • Breathable mesh lining: Keeps feet cool and dry.
  • Minimal cushioning: Maintains barefoot feel.

The Reviews Report

With a 4.2/5 average rating, most reviewers praise the comfort, quality, and barefoot experience. Some mention:


  • Long-lasting durability
  • Soft, quality leather
  • Decent barefoot flexibility


  • Runs narrow
  • Not as minimalist as some like

Bang for Your Buck?

Marked down to £59.99, these provide amazing value for the quality and comfort. If you want something durable and well-made without the highest price tag, consider these Merrells.

The Final Take

For an investment-worthy pair of barefoot shoes without the sticker shock, the Merrell Vapor Glove 3 Luna LTRs deliver. The sale price makes these an appealing option.

Xero Shoes Z-Trek – Ideal Barefoot Hiking Sandals

Xero Shoes Z-Trek Black
Xero Shoes Z-Trek Brown

Love the barefoot feel but want the airiness of sandals? Check out the Xero Shoes Z-Trek. Let’s see if they pass the test in our long term review.


  • Zero-drop sole: Keeps your feet flat and aligned.
  • Adjustable straps: Customize the fit.
  • 5.5mm flexible sole: Maximizes ground feel.
  • Light and packable: Weighs 4oz and packs down small.

The People Speak

With a 4.5/5 average rating, customers praise the comfort, flexibility, and foot-strengthening effects. Some drawbacks mentioned:


  • Roomy, adjustable fit
  • Provides ground feedback
  • Strengthens feet over time


  • Break-in period required
  • Straps may need re-adjusting

Worth Investing In?

If you want versatile barefoot sandals, these check the boxes for comfort, flexibility, and quality materials. Well worth the price tag.

Bottom Line

For hikers, travelers, or anyone wanting barefoot sandals, the Xero Z-Trek is an ideal choice that provides comfort and freedom of movement for your feet.

The Takeaway: Find Your Perfect Pair

And there you have it – 5 high quality yet budget-friendly options for dipping your toes into the world of barefoot shoes.

From trusted brands like Xero and Merrell to cheaper starters like HOBIBEAR, you can get the barefoot experience without emptying your wallet.

I hope this overview gave you a feel for your best option based on price, quality, comfort, and intended use. Always remember to transition slowly into barefoot shoes, and have fun finding the perfect pair for your feet and adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Benefits of Barefoot Shoes?

Switching to barefoot or minimalist shoes offers numerous perks, such as improved foot shape and better connection to the ground. They promote healthy feet, allow for natural splay, and often alleviate issues like plantar fasciitis.

What Makes a Good Barefoot Shoe?

good barefoot shoe will have a zero-drop heel, a wide toe box for natural toe splay, and a thin and flexible sole. It should be anatomic in design and allow your feet to move as they naturally would.

Are Barefoot Shoes Good for Running and Hiking?

Absolutely, many barefoot shoes are designed for athletic activities like running and hiking. Just be sure to transition slowly to allow your feet to adapt.

Are Barefoot Shoes Expensive?

Many barefoot shoes are expensive, but there are also affordable options like HOBIBEAR and SAGUARO. It’s all about finding the right pick for the best barefoot experience within your budget.

Can Kids Wear Barefoot Shoes?

Yes, shoes for kids are available in barefoot styles. Brands like Wildling Shoes offer baby shoes and options for older children.

What Are Some Trusted Barefoot Shoe Brands?

XeroVivobarefoot, and Merrell are some of the best barefoot shoe brands. For a more comprehensive list, feel free to check out this list.

How Do I Choose Between Different Styles?

From casual barefoot sneakers to barefoot hiking boots, there’s a full range of different styles. Your choice should align with your intended use—be it athletic activities, casual wear, or something else.

What Materials Should I Look For?

Leather shoes offer durability but may lack breathability. Knit and mesh options are more breathable but may be less durable. It’s all about what you prioritize more.

How Do I Take Care of My Barefoot Shoes?

Each pair will come with its own care instructions, but generally, leather sneaker options require more maintenance than synthetic materials. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Do You Earn Commission on Shoe Recommendations?

Yes, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you if you buy through links on this page. Rest assured, all opinions are my own, and I only recommend shoes that I believe offer great value and quality.

Can I Use Barefoot Shoes as My Daily Casual Shoe?

You bet! Casual barefoot shoes are a thing, and many brands like Vivobarefoot and Groundies offer everyday casual shoe options that you can rock whether you’re running errands or just chillin’.

Is Whitin a Good Brand for Barefoot Shoes?

Whitin barefoot sneakers have been getting attention lately. They offer a range of running shoes and are a decent entry-level option if you’re new to barefoot shoes. Just make sure to read my full review for the low-down on their quality.

Are There Barefoot Shoes for Specific Sports?

Absolutely, you can find barefoot athletic shoes specifically designed for various sports. Brands like Altra Running even specialize in running-specific models.

What’s the Deal with Zero Drop?

Zero drop refers to the lack of height difference between the heel and the ball of the foot. This design allows for a more natural foot posture, which is one of the benefits of barefoot and minimalist shoes.

Do Barefoot Shoes Come with Different Sole Thickness?

Yes, you have shoe options with thicker soles or slightly thicker padding for a little more cushion. Brands like Pedterra offer different sole thicknesses to cater to those who want some extra padding.

How Do Barefoot Shoes Fit Compared to Conventional Shoes?

Good question! Barefoot shoes that fit will usually have a wider toe box compared to conventional shoes. They allow for natural splay, making them a healthy shoe option.

How Important Are Laces in Barefoot Shoes?

Laces can impact the fit and comfort of your barefoot footwear. Brands like Lems offer lace options that can adjust for foot shape and width, giving you a customized fit.

What’s the Mission Behind Most Barefoot Shoe Brands?

The mission is to make footwear that mimics the natural shape and mechanics of the human foot. It’s all about promoting foot health, natural movement, and a connection to the ground.

Are There Any Sales or Discounts I Should Look For?

Absolutely, if you love the shoes but not the price tag, keep an eye on sales. You can often snag a good price on top-notch barefoot shoe brands like Vivobarefoot Geo during seasonal sales.

Are There Any Unisex Options Available?

Yep! Many brands offer men’s and women’s sizes, and some models are unisex. Brands like Origo Shoes offer footwear for both men and women, so everyone can get in on the barefoot action.

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